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In processing some recent changes I was thinking of Heraclitus. When I was studying philosophy as an undergrad, reading presocratics such as Heraclitus and Parmenides gave me a headache and almost drove me mad. "All is in flux," versus "there is no change." (Me back then: "WHUT?")
Sure, Heraclitus and Parmenides were Greek dudes who questioned the Universe. But I'm thinking about Heraclitus in particular because there's a certain quote of his that resonates: "the only constant is change."  As a student, I didn't really think too much about Heraclitus' writings because I was too busy writing papers. Now, in some respects, I think Heraclitus was winning.

I've experienced so much change in the last few months. I'm married now to an Italian man (mi fai impazzire, amore mio!), and then, I found out this week that my job position was being eliminated due to administrative restructuring. Yesterday was my last day; it's been a lot to process and so quickly. If my former journal entries were of any indication, my intuition was on alarm; a lot of professors were just let go along with the elimination of some majors, and I had a feeling, an inclination, that the end was near. Still, no matter now much you anticipate something, though, shock still happens, because following such news your mind then sorts out the important questions, such as when's my health insurance expiring? (Answer for me: yesterday, my last day.) Such instances prove that the most basic human needs are restricted and we are very dependent on our jobs. If there is anything that I have learned from Italians (well, besides truly great pasta and truly great food - hah), it's the fact that Americans, albeit extremely hard working, don't have much of a work-life balance. And even if a person works two, three jobs, they still may not have health insurance. This is something that is very, very wrong. Hopefully, THAT will change.

Anyway, despite some initial struggles, I'm now happily embracing this professional change. I'm going to focus on my spirituality and trust in God and His plan. Maybe I'll stick with my field, maybe I'll delve into something new; maybe I'll go back to school, too. But one thing is for certain: I'll enjoy some time off and will be able to do ART; finish some projects and start new ones,  so stay tuned to see St. Francis of Assisi completed. In fact, I have a series of St. Francis of Assisi pieces I plan to do, including but not limited to St. Francis receiving the stigmata. 

Lots of love to everyone, and I hope you all are well. xx


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United States
:heart: Hello, and welcome to my page. Here, I hope that you will find relaxing fine artistic images. I'm a Roman Catholic studying to become a member of the Secular Franciscans; a lover of animals and nature, and a fan of ASMR as I find it immensely helpful in my own life. Besides traditional art I love to bake pies and find pie making to be such an art, too!

I'm a bit of a traveler and explorer, and I enjoy voyages, my favorite place thus far is by far Sicily, Italy. I've drawn since I can remember, and I love watercolor painting. Watercolor is such a relaxing medium, where the paint combines with the gentle, flowing water in creating special effects that is a delight. The painting itself is relaxing, but I love the sounds of mixing paint, the sound of swirling brushes in the glass of water, the slight drip-drops of splashing color on paper.

I paint a lot of flowers, as flowers are beautiful and create joy. Many of my paintings will be transitions for a greater purpose (cards and prints) but for now I invite you to enjoy the gentleness of watercolor and soft strokes.

My DeviantArt page is a place for all, those who seek healing, those who seek beauty, those who seek relaxation. Welcome, and joy to you.


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Happy Birthday!
Hope you have a lot of joy and happiness today and ever.
I like very much both of your watercolor and botanical art. Keep doing your fantasical masterpieces. :D (Big Grin) 
AquarelleSplash Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Hey! There you are! I'm so happy you wrote me! You're so sweet! Thank you so much! :iconflowersplz: 
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Happy Birthday, I hope you had a great one :)
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You are most welcome, glad that brighten your day :D.
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Eeeeeee! Thank you, hunny! How are you!? I miss you!
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:hug: aww miss you too, im good been busy getting used to the new area i moved into but been alright.
how you been yourself hope your doing well
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Happy Birthday
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Hey Jerrie, thanks so much!! I miss ya! 
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